Rich has been a storyteller since he was a kid. When he was around 10, he turned the tables on his parents: he started reading to his family after dinner every night (his favorites were The Lemonade Trick and The Big Joke Game, by Scott Corbett, but Encyclopedia Brown stories were a big hit as well).

Later in life, Rich found out that people liked having stories acted out for them.  He's been onstage in everything from Shakespeare to Damn Yankees to August: Osage County, and starred in the indie feature Ocatilla Flat.

After an interminable amount of time spent creating and managing databases, Rich is back to storytelling, and this time it's not just after dinner, it's full-time.

Except for when he's dodging Tucson drivers on his bicycle or finding the next great Happy Hour locale.

For the technologically inclined

WoVO approved Studio 1064 Miller.png
  • Rode NT1A Microphone
  • Onyx Blackjack interface
  • Studio One and TwistedWave DAW software
  • All attached to and running on a Mac
  • In a super-quiet, super-secret recording studio