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Episode 10: James Adams

My guest tonight in the Speakeasy is James Adams, Chairman at Worldwide Audio, Ltd., which is the parent company of Bee Audio.

James and I discuss his amazing career, including his stint as CEO of United Press International, his experience in the intelligence community, and his current position heading up the audiobook powerhouse Worldwide Audio, Ltd. James also goes into detail about his thoughts about the future of the audiobook industry. All this over some sparkling water and some straight wheat whiskey!

You can contact James at

Episode 9: Casey Trowbridge

My guest in the Speakeasy tonight is audiobook aficionado and fellow podcaster Casey Trowbridge!

Casey and I discuss how audiobooks have helped him and others who have visual impairments, from way back in the day when they were still produced on cassette tapes (anyone remember those?). We also talk about what he likes and doesn't like when it comes to audiobook narration, and his vision for podcasting going forward. All of this over some hot chocolate (Casey lives in the Frozen North) and a classic daiquiri (I live in the temperate Southwest)!

You can find Casey's podcast, Talking Audiobooks, at, and you can find him on Twitter at @AudiobookCasey and @CaseyInSoDak.

Episode 8: Carol Monda

Tonight I have a long-awaited chat with fantastic narrator and coach Carol Monda!

Carol and I talk about her experiences on stage, and her introduction to audiobooks and audiobook engineering. Carol also shares her thoughts on audiobook narration coaching, and treats us to a live reading of a noirish mystery with a hard-boiled female PI. All this over a glass of brandy and some 1800 reposado tequila (with water AND iced tea chasers)!

You can find carol at

Episode 7: Karen Souer

My guest tonight in the Speakeasy is talented audiobook proofer, editor, and engineer Karen Souer!

Karen and I discuss her introduction into VO engineering by her dad, Bob Souer, "the second nicest guy in voiceover." We also talk about the importance of time management, not taking on a project that you won't be happy with down the road, and not worrying quite so much about every single breath and mouth click. All of this over some Balvenie DoubleWood 12-year-old Scotch and a Vesper!

You can find Karen at

Episode 6: Johnny Heller

To start off 2018 right, a special surprise guest joins me in the Speakeasy tonight!

We talk about history, politics, and law school (or the avoidance thereof). We also discuss narration workshops and different coaching styles, and, just for the hell of it, some jokes are not just told, but narrated! All this over some coffee and a hot toddy, since we both had sore throats to contend with.

If you want to hear from a big player in the audiobook world and could use a laugh or two, grab a drink and listen in. Happy New Year!

Episode 5: Jayme Mattler

Tonight Blackstone Publishing producer and director Jayme Mattler stopped by to join me for a drink and a chat!

Jayme talks about her amazing journey from the Detroit suburbs to New York City, with stops in Seattle, Los Angeles, and most of Europe in between. In addition, Jayme shares her views on narrators submitting to audiobook publishers before they're ready, and treats us to examples of some of the mistakes that narrators make and how she coaches them to move past them. All of this over some Malbec and a Vodka Gimlet!

Jayme can be found online at (once her website revamp is complete) and on Instagram at @jaymemattler.

Episode 4: Andi Arndt

Tonight I'm joined in the Speakeasy by the amazingly talented Andi Arndt!

Andi and I discuss the evolution of her career as an educator and a narrator, and the multiple awards she garnered in 2017. In addition, you'll hear a riveting live narration from a book that Andi's currently working on, and all about Andi's approach to audiobook narration coaching. All this over some post-recording-session hot water (keep those vocal cords happy!) and an Italian martini!

Andi can be found online at

Episode 3: Philip Miller

Joining me tonight in the e Speakeasy is Pre-production and Casting Director at Deyan Audio, Philip Miller!

Philip and I discuss how he got into audio engineering, the various positions he's held at Deyan Audio in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Tucson, and his love of the classics (and anything related to pirates). He also talks about what you should do -- and NOT do -- when interacting with casting directors at major audiobook publishing companies. All of this over a classic vodka tonic and some American single malt whiskey made right here in Tucson, Arizona!

Philip can be found at and at

Episode 2: Amanda Rose Smith

Joining me in the Speakeasy tonight is audio engineer extraordinaire Amanda Rose Smith!

Amanda and I discuss her transition from small town girl to Big Apple resident, work life as a woman in an extremely male-dominated industry, and how one should go about choosing an audiobook editor. You'll also hear Amanda's thoughts on best practices when editing and mastering audiobooks, and how budget constraints don't necessarily mean you can't improve your audiobook quality by hiring a professional engineer. All of this over some lemon-ginger tea and the Speakeasy twist on a classic Manhattan!

You can find Amanda at, on Facebook as Amanda Rose Smith, on Twitter at @LadySoundSmith, and by email at

Episode 1: Sean Allen Pratt

Tonight I'm joined by prolific narrator and narration coach Sean Allen Pratt!

Sean and I discuss his early days as an actor in Santa Fe and New York, his transition into audiobooks in the 1990s, and how he came to be the preeminent non-fiction narrator and narration coach in the industry today. You'll also get to hear Sean's take on a particularly challenging selection from the classic Moby Dick, as well as his thoughts on the business side of audiobook narration and on different approaches to coaching. All of this over bourbons and beer!

You can find Sean by email at, on Facebook at Sean Pratt Presents, and on Twitter at @SPPresents.