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Episode 20: Don Baarns

My guest in the Speakeasy tonight is audiobook engineer and Studio One guru Don Baarns!

Don and I chat about his early days in the suburbs of Detroit, when he was a budding drummer and got his introduction to high-end studio gear. Don also goes into how he approaches audiobook recording and engineering, and how important it is to get a set of (professional) ears to evaluate your work. All this over some white tea with pomegranate infused with lemon ginger echinacea juice and a gibson!

You can find Don on Facebook at, via email at, and on YouTube at

Episode 19: Julie Wilson

Tonight's guest in the Speakeasy is an award-winning audiobook producer at Penguin Random House, Julie Wilson!

Julie and I talk about growing up in an artistic community and her early introduction to audiobook publishing while she was still in college. Julie also describes her role as an audiobook producer, the importance of building personal relationships with professionals in the industry, and some dos and don'ts when it comes to dealing with publishers. All this over some strawberry lemonade and a lime rickey!

You can find Julie on Twitter and Instagram at @JuliannaNWilson.

Episode 18: Hillary Huber

My guest tonight in the speakeasy is prolific narrator and coach Hillary Huber!

Hillary and I talk about the various careers she had before her husband's coworkers convinced her to help them out with some voiceover work. Hillary also goes into how she stumbled into audiobook work, the value of having a workspace outside the home, and her approach to coaching. All this over a Negroni and Tonic and a classic Margarita!

You can find Hillary online at, and on Twitter at @hillatious.

Episode 17: Jess Herring

My guest tonight in the Speakeasy is The Audiobookworm, Jess Herring!

Jess and I talk about her work as an audiobook blogger and marketer after getting degrees in clinical psychology and rehabilitation counseling. Jess also describes what works for her when she's reviewing audiobooks -- and what doesn't. All this over some (very sweet!) green tea, and a P. J. Ochlan Special Three-bitters Manhattan!

You can find Jess at and at

Episode 16: Paul Heitsch

My guest tonight in the Speakeasy is narrator and engineer Paul Heitsch!

Paul and I discuss the many audio engineering gigs he had prior to becoming an audiobook narrator (including an opportunity to direct Gary Oldman!). Paul also goes into detail about how he approaches engineering audiobooks, whether he's sending the audio to a publisher or producing the finished audio himself.

All of this over some "rare" bourbon: Eagle Rare for Paul, and Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof for me!

You can find Paul on the web at and on Twitter at @PaulHeitsch.

Episode 15: P. J. Ochlan

Tonight's guest in the Speakeasy is narrator extraordinaire and well-known dialect and accent expert P. J. Ochlan!

P. J. and I discuss his early start as a bi-coastal actor, his move from New York to L.A., and his entry into the audiobook world. We also talk at length about his proficiency with dialects and accents and his approach to coaching narrators, and he offers a couple of great tips for aspiring narrators.

All this over a (triple-bitters!) Manhattan and some Koval Single Barrel Rye!

You can find P. J. at and, on Facebook at pjochlan, and on Twitter and Instagram at @pjochlan.

Episode 14: Steven Jay Cohen

My guest tonight in the Speakeasy is an accomplished actor and narrator, and is at the helm of audiobook production company Spoken Realms, Steven Jay Cohen!

Steven and I talk about his theater background and his entrance into the audiobook world, and how he came to be at the helm of Listen 2 A Book, which became Spoken Realms last year. We also -- eventually -- talk about 2nd Opinion, the software program that he wrote that checks audio files to ensure that they meet user-defined specifications. All this over a local micro-brew and a Mexican Martini!

You can find Steven at and on Twitter at @stevenjaycohen, and you can check out Spoken Realms at

Episode 13: Rob Sciglimpaglia

My guest tonight in the Speakeasy is voice talent and lawyer Rob Sciglimpaglia!

Rob and I discuss his legal roots in real estate deals and family law, and his career transition into a combination of legal work and voiceover/on-camera/entertainment production work. Rob also goes into some detail on some common legal issues that come up in voiceover work in general and audiobook work in particular, and the importance of setting up a legal entity for your voiceover business. All this over some sparkling water (a Speakeasy favorite) and a 14-year-old Oban single malt Scotch!

You can find Rob at http://www.voiceoverlegal.com, and

If you'd like to donate to Shannon Parks' brain surgery financial aid fund, you can do so at

Episode 12: Kelly Lytle and Will Dages

My guests tonight in the Speakeasy are Kelly Lytle and Will Dages of Findaway Voices.

Kelly and Will talk about how Findaway entered the audiobook world, and the birth of Findaway Voices in the summer of 2017. They also talk about the importance of narrators keeping their information with Findaway up to date, the casting process at FV, and something that rights holders and narrators are always interested in: rates.

All this over a Rusty Nail, a cup of tea, and a Gin Gimlet (in spirit, if not in a glass) with Watershed Distillery's Four Peel Gin!

You can find Findaway at and Findaway Voices at And you can find Kelly at, and Will at And, just in case you're interested, you can find Watershed Distillery at; I checked, and they don't distribute west of the Mississippi yet, but you can find their spirits in Ohio and various other places east of the Mississippi.

Episode 11: Jeffrey Kafer

My guest tonight in the Speakeasy is master narrator and social media moderator extraordinaire Jeffrey Kafer!

Jeffrey and I discuss his theater background, including his crippling stage fright. We also talk about his experiences as the moderator of several online/social media groups. All of this over a local beer and a martini!

You can find Jeffrey at