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Episode 30: Keith Reynolds

My guest this week is founder and president of Spoke Media, Inc., Keith Reynolds!

Keith discusses being lured away from a career in music composition by the thrill of performing in front of thousands of people (many of whom were young, attractive women), his transition from being an itinerant studio engineer to an engineer and director at Audible Studios, and his decision to start a company dedicated to audiobook production. Keith and I also talk about his move into podcast production, and his recommendations for home studio setups (including which mic NOT to buy). All this over a coke and a whiskey sour!

You can find Keith at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter and Instagram at @spoke_media.

Episode 29: Dawn Chapman

My guest tonight in the Speakeasy is author Dawn Chapman!

Dawn talks about growing up in the country north of Liverpool, and continuing to pursue her writing passion despite a lack of support from some educators. Dawn and I also discuss her experiences getting her books produced as audiobooks, and what makes that process go smoothly. All this over some Jura 10-year Scotch whisky and a classic (London dry!) gin and tonic!

You can find Dawn online at, on Twitter at @kanundra, and on Instagram at @kanundra_.

Episode 28: Barbara Rosenblat

I was in the presence of audiobook royalty tonight when famed narrator and accomplished actress Barbara Rosenblat joined me for a drink!

Barbara describes moving from the UK to the US early on, then heading back over the pond after college to work in theater. She also tells me about how she got drawn into the world of audiobooks in the UK briefly, then got into the craft in earnest years later after moving to New York. We discuss this and much, much more over some homemade iced tea (with lime!) and some Powers Irish whiskey!

You can find Barbara at, and on Twitter and Instagram at @Rosenblat_Actor.

Episode 27: Joel Leslie Froomkin

My guest tonight is prolific narrator and accent/dialect coach Joel Leslie Froomkin!

Joel describes growing up in Bermuda -- where he heard all manner of British, Scottish, Welsh, and other dialects on a daily basis -- and how that experience played into his later career as a teacher of dialects and accents. Joel also talks about his theatrical acting and directing experiences, and how those, along with his expertise in dialects, all came together for his very successful audiobook narration career.  All this over some water, iced tea, and a Fort Knox Heist!

You can find Joel online at, and on Twitter at @joellesliefro.

Episode 26: Karen Commins

Tonight's Speakeasy guest is a fount of audiobook information, Karen Commins!

Karen describes her desire to be a narrator from an early age, and the journey through the IT world that finally allowed her to live the dream. Karen also talks about how she came to be a curator of all kinds of audiobook tips, tricks, and resources, and shares some of what she's learned along the way. All of this over some good old-fashioned Coca-Cola and a Sparkling Chocolate Cherry Bomb!

You can find Karen at, and on Twitter at @KarenCommins.

Episode 25: Sharon Quarles

My guest tonight in the Speakeasy is audiobook power listener Sharon Quarles!

Sharon has over 2,000 audiobooks in her Audible library. We discuss how she can listen to around 10 audiobooks every month, and what types of audiobooks she enjoys most. Sharon also talks about what she finds works well when it comes to audiobook narration, and what doesn't. All over a glass of Rosé and some 12-year-old Jamaican rum!

Episode 24: Karen White

My guest in the Speakeasy tonight is audiobook narrator and narration coach Karen White!

Karen and I talk about her directing and acting experiences in the theater world, both on the East Coast and in L.A., and how those were a good foundation for her later work in the audiobook world. Karen also talks about her approach to audiobook narration coaching, and how important it is for actors to understand the connection between actions and emotions. All this over a mandarin IPA and a wee dram of Tullamore Dew!

Karen's website can be found at, and you can contact her at You can also find Karen on Facebook at, and on Twitter at @KarenWhitereads.

Episode 23: Sean Williams

Joining me tonight in the Speakeasy is an audiobook engineer that I just met at APAC 2018, Sean Williams!

Sean and I discuss his love of the guitar and of history, and how those two subjects intersected in his life. Sean also shares how some personal tragedy played a part in his career shift to audiobook production, and how he played a part in the production of a recent Audie award winner. All this over a blueberry ale and a virgin gin rickey!

You can find Sean at and on Twitter at @AirbendingMedia.

Episode 22: Michele Cobb

My guest tonight is Michele Cobb, Executive Director of the Audio Publisher's Association!

Michele and I talk about her Master's Degree in Theater from the University of Wisconsin, Madison (NOT the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine), her experiences directing theatrical productions, and her early work in the audiobook world for L. A. Theater Works and the BBC. We also delve into the recent APAC and Audies events and get a little insight into how the APA is planning for the future.  All this over some sparkling rosé and a Gilroy martini!

You can contact Michele at

Episode 21: Suzanne Elise Freeman

My guest tonight in the Speakeasy is prolific narrator and APA webcast co-host Suzanne Elise Freeman!

Suzanne and I talk about her various jobs in the entertainment industry after getting a degree in journalism, and how she came to start narrating audiobooks. Suzanne also discusses how she came up with her romance and erotica pseudonym, how she started co-hosting the ongoing APA webcast series with P. J. Ochlan, and the importance of building relationships in the audiobook industry. All this over one of P. J.'s (in)famous triple-bitters Manhattans and a Rob Roy!

You can find Suzanne at and on Twitter at @TheFreeSuzanne.