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Welcome to the Audiobook Speakeasy!

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The Audiobook Speakeasy is my podcast, where I chat with audiobook professionals and listeners about all things related to audiobooks. You'll hear from narrators, narration coaches, engineers, editors, audiobook publishing company representatives, casting directors, and power listeners.

So come on in, pull up a chair, and share a cocktail with us as we delve into audiobook narration, production, casting, and all aspects of audiobook creation.

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Episode 35: Caitlin Garing

My guest in the Speakeasy tonight is Caitlin Garing, Executive Producer at Harper Audio!

Caitlin and I talk about how her education in journalism accidentally led to a career in audiobooks instead, and the different roles she's had at Harper Audio. Caitlin also talks about the production process at Harper, and shares some words of wisdom for narrators from her years dealing with us. All this over a virgin Sriracha Mule and a Thanksgiving Manhattan!

You can find Caitlin on Twitter at @CaitlinGaring. And you can find Harper Audio at

Episode 34: James Anderson Foster

My guest tonight is narrator, narration coach, and fellow podcast host James Anderson Foster!

James talks about the various jobs that he's had over the years (he was a monk!) and how he got his narration business off the ground quickly through a combination of talent and luck. James and I also discuss his podcast, Sorcerous, and his approach to coaching narrators in the art of creating characters. All this and more over a Bloody Mary and an Italian-Indian Martini!

You can find James online at and on Twitter and Instagram at @jamesnarrates. For James's coaching, visit

Our sponsor for this episode is Jess the Audiobookworm. Visit to learn about Jess's Narrator Resource Guide, and get $10 off with the promo code COCKTAILS.

Episode 33: Jackie Rosenfeld

My guest tonight is former Bee Audio casting director Jackie Rosenfeld!

Jackie and I discuss her unusual childhood as a military brat that didn't have to move every two years, and her drama education on a 10-year plan. Jackie also talks about how she became the casting director at one of the largest audiobook production companies in the world, Bee Audio, and how important it is to know your strengths -- and weaknesses -- when communicating with casting directors. All this over a whiskey and ginger (an Irish mule!) and a Tom Collins!

You can find Jackie online at, and you can contact her at

Episode 32: Andrea Emmes Cenna

My guest tonight is award-winning audiobook narrator, game designer, and website designer Andrea Emmes Cenna!

Andrea and I talk about how her successful career as a stage performer and vocalist was cut short by an injury sustained during a stunt show. Andrea describes her journey through songwriting, game design, and, finally, audiobook narration after that life-changing event, and how she came to be a website designer specializing in sites for audiobook narrators. All this and much more over an Aviation and a Smirnoff Ice!

You can find Andrea online at, on Twitter at @aemmes, and on Instagram at @aemmesnarrator. And you can find Andrea's website design work at

Please visit our show sponsor, The Audiobook Reviewer, at

Episode 31: Marnye Young

My guest tonight is fellow narrator AND podcast host, Marnye Young!

Marnye talks about her theatrical training -- including an entire year spent studying the works of The Bard -- and the natural progression from stage craft to audiobook narration with the arrival of twins. Marnye and I also discuss how she came to host the Silverton Audio Presents podcast, and the importance of persistence and remembering your successes on a journey that has many ups and downs. All this over a Café Bustelo and a glass of Arizona Stronghold Nachise!

You can find Marnye online at, on Twitter at @AudioSorceress, and on Instagram at @marnyeyoung.