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Welcome to the Audiobook Speakeasy!

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The Audiobook Speakeasy is my podcast, where I chat with audiobook professionals and listeners about all things related to audiobooks. You'll hear from narrators, narration coaches, engineers, editors, audiobook publishing company representatives, casting directors, and power listeners.

So come on in, pull up a chair, and share a cocktail with us as we delve into audiobook narration, production, casting, and all aspects of audiobook creation.

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Episode 47: Marguerite Gavin

My guest tonight is prolific audiobook narrator and acting coach for narrators Marguerite Gavin!

Marguerite describes having "green room kids" and other challenges of being a professional actor for all of her adult life. We also discuss her battle with trigeminal neuralgia last year, and how important tenacity is in this line of work. All this over a filthy martini and a Last Word!

You can find Marguerite online at, and on Twitter at @GavinMarguerite. 

Episode 46: Edoardo Ballerini

My guest tonight is the winner of the 2019 Audie for Best Male Narrator, Edoardo Ballerini!

Edoardo describes growing up in both New York and Italy, and how he accidentally stumbled into acting, leading to numerous stage, film, and television roles (including a recurring role on the greatest television show of all time, The Sopranos). Edoardo also talks about how his love of language and subsequent acting career have meshed perfectly in the audiobook world, and how, sometimes, you just need to say the words. All this and more over some local hard cider and a Jasmine!

You can find Edoardo online at, on Facebook at, and on twitter at @edoballerini.

Episode 45: Susan Purvis

My guest tonight is author and narrator Susan Purvis!

Susan describes how she ended up on ski patrol and working avalanche search and rescue missions despite working in the Dominican Republic, and how she came to write a book about her experiences. Susan also describes the process of narrating her book for Blackstone Audio, with expert help all along the way from coach and director Jayme Mattler. All this over some very special (and very expensive!) red wine and a Bees Knees!

You can find Susan online at, on Twitter at @susan_purvis, and on Instagram at @susanpurvisauthor. You can find her book, Go Find, on Amazon at and on Audible at

Episode 44: Jim Seybert

My guest tonight is Earphones award-winning narrator Jim Seybert!

Jim and I reminisce for awhile about L.A. radio stations in the 70s and 80s. Then Jim tells me how he went from the radio world to marketing to audiobook narration, about winning an Earphones award for narrating a book that felt like it was written just for him, and how important it is to have confidence and to pursue excellence as an audiobook narrator. All this over some cask strength Booker's bourbon and a rye flight!

You can find Jim online at, on Facebook at TheJimSeybertCompany, on Twitter at @jimseybert, and on Instagram at @jimseybertnarrator.

Episode 43: Jocqueline Protho

Tonight I'm joined by the founder of the audiobook production company The Audio Flow, Jocqueline Protho!

Joc and I discuss how she became an audiobook fanatic as soon as she listened to her first audiobook -- which won the Audie for erotica in 2016 -- and the audiobook-centric podcasts that she started producing shortly thereafter. Joc also talks about how she came to found an audiobook production company, The Audio Flow, and her plans for the company going forward. All this over a Chelsea Sidecar and a Speakeasy, the non-alcoholic drink that Joc came up with in honor of her visit!

You can find Joc at, on Twitter and Instagram at @theaudioflow, and via email at

Episode 42: Josh Horowitz and Maximilian Gray

Tonight I'm joined by narrator Josh Horowitz and author Maximilian Gray to discuss their experience working together to create an audiobook.

Josh and Max knew each other back in high school. When Max finished his novel, Alvin Baylor Lives!, he contacted Josh about narrating the audiobook. We discuss why Max chose to have more of a radio drama feel to the audiobook, how and why Josh approached this book a little differently than he's approached other audiobook narration projects, and how they collaborated during the process. All this over a Wyder's Pear Cider, a Kentucky Mule, and a Gin and Sin!

You can find Josh at, and on Twitter at @uclafalcon.

You can find Max at

Tonight's Speakeasy chat is brought to you by The Audiobook Reviewer.  

Episode 41: Anneliese Rennie

My guest tonight in the Speakeasy is audiobook narrator and founder of Spectrum Audiobooks Anneliese Rennie!

Anneliese talks about her experiences on stage and behind the scenes in the opera world, her transition to computer programming and providing content to sports networks, and how she finally found the audiobook industry. We also discuss the importance of high-quality coaching, and how she came to found Spectrum Audiobooks. All this over a boilermaker and a ginger-infused martini!

You can find Anneliese on Twitter at @arreadsbooks, and Spectrum Audiobooks at

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