“Exceptionally well written and narrated. A pleasure to listen to, thought provoking, building yet higher on the shoulders of giants!” —Thomas, audible.com reviewer, 5 stars

The author says: “Your work gives my book a very professional, honest, and intellectual edge for which I am truly grateful.” —Joshua Kelly

“The narrator was excellent. More like a storyteller than a reader and I really enjoy storytelling performances.” —JBJ, audible.com reviewer, 5 stars

The rights holder says: “Double wow! Perfect voice, narration, for this book. Thank you so much!” —Gregg Olsen

“The narrator, Rich Miller, was good as he kept the book flowing with an easy tone. His pronunciation was solid… Not many men can do female voices well.” —AudioBook Reviewer, 4 stars

The author says: “My experience working with Rich Miller couldn't have been better. His narration and dialogue brought out dimensions in my book that even I didn't know were there. I was — and am — continually impressed with his artistic interpretations.” —Brian South

“The narrator did a good job of bringing the book to life.” —Tiffany, audible.com reviewer, 4 stars

The author says: “Rich Miller did a great job narrating my crime thriller, Absolution. So easy to work with, and I loved how he adapted his voice to fit my characters.” —Susan A. Fleet

“The narration is top notch with each character having a unique voice and personality. The main character is done to perfection. I will happily listen to another book narrated by Rich Miller.” —Peter, audible.com reviewer, 5 stars

“The narrator was delightful. He had just the right tone, and his timing and delivery kept me chuckling the whole book long. He also did a pretty good job at pronouncing unique Mormon words correctly. I've listened to books before, where the narrator had not been coached properly on pronunciations, and it affected my enjoyment of those books. Rich Miller did great.” —Rebecca, audible.com reviewer, 5 stars

“Rich Miller has brought these old but surprisingly relevant stories to life. Having previously only read O. Henry, it is nice to hear this timeless narration. It was worth every minute.” —Paul, audible.com reviewer, 5 stars